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ICT Infrastructure

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At eOffice, we always listen, understand and consult our clients to find the best approach and build the most cost-effective solution ranging from On-premise, Cloud or Hybrid solution that leverage their existing on-premise technology investments.

A continuously improving IT platform strategy is important to the success of the business. Hence, we have built a comprehensive ICT infrastructure roadmap that enable future expansion without limits.

1) Structured Cabling System - is a future-proof investment that connects PCs,  phones and other devices together - providing a reliable and versatile solution to a wide range of communication requirements.

2) Server / Storage - eOffice provides a wide range of Server & Storage technologies from world-class Manufacturer such as Lenovo, Dell EMC, and HPE that build a solid and reliable solutions for server virtualisation, SAN storage, data centre, security and archiving.

All-In-One Business Cloud

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By leveraging the revolutionary advantages of cloud computing, you can improve almost every facet of your business, including the bottom line. You’ll realise cost and efficiency benefits by reducing your exposure to the economic and implementation whims of hardware and software upgrades.

You’ll also realised the gains of spatial and labour streamlining provided by cloud services.     
     1) Huge potential cost-savings via virtual hardware & software upgrades and as-needed network and storage capacity.
     2) Improved efficiency by lowering directly managed IT headaches.
     3) Tailor your business’ IT cost outlays proportionally to its needs.

We are offering the following solutions :
     1) Cloud Computing - Microsoft 365, Azure Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud.
     2) Managed Web Hosting - Managed Web & Email Hosting services.
     3) Cloud PBX - A Hosted IP-PBX system works over Internet with more advance phone features.

Cyber Security & Endpoint Protection

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Fortinet Unified Threats Management (UTM), Trend Micro Enterprise Cyber Security and Kaspersky Cyber Security solutions are deployed due to its superior integrity and feature-rich system that provide real-time network protection from threats such as trojan virus, malware, spyware, unauthorized intrusion (i.e. hacker), phishing, spam and the latest concern i.e. Ransomware.

Video Conference

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Video Conference give lots of great benefits such as cost savings, conference calls/meetings with multiple parties, time savings, phone portability, and rich media service. We addressed these challenges with the world most cost-effective solutions from Logitech, Jabra, Huawei, Poly together with Microsoft Teams.

Office Security & Surveillance

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We offer total integrated security and surveillance system with your office ICT platform for corporate office and residential. We ensure your peace of mind by making your life more secure and convenient using our quality solution with responsive after-sales service. We optimise our design to achieve the right balance on price, feature and quality to meet latest market trend demand. Our products simplified design makes it easy to install, Internet-enabled, easy to use, easy to maintain and low maintenance cost.

     1) IP Camera CCTV System
     2) Office Alarm Security
     3) FingerPrint Access System
     4) AutoGate & Barrier Gate

Backup & Disaster Recovery (BDR)

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While most businesses have insurance plans designed to cover what they believe to be their most precious tangible assets, data and IT systems are often overlooked in this calculation. In fact, in today’s world, data is the lifeblood of most companies and those resources are constantly at risk, be it by hackers, natural disasters or disgruntled former employees.

Data Backup is the most important to business success and continuity plan. Hence, we recommend 3-2-1 Automated Backup System where a local backup is the first step to protecting your data. You bolster your plan by storing copies on different media to protect against any single point of failure.

With our effective backup strategy, customers enjoy peace of mind growing their business.

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